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Water Filters

Okay so now you know what is in your water, and maybe you even looked into getting a water filter. But yes, there is more than one kind. Which one do you get? I've compiled a list of different water filters and what they filter out with some help from my environmental medicine professor: 

Carbon Filter

  • Removes radon, organic chemicals, chlorine, some pesticides, lead, and trihalomethanes

  • Fails at removing other heavy metals

  • Likely need to be changed every 2-3 months

Ion Exchange Filter

  • Removes heavy metals and hard minerals

  • Leaves sodium in the water

  • Brita filters use a combination of carbon and ion exchange filters


  • Removes aresenic, some pesticides and heavy metals

  • Fails at removing volatile organic comounds (VOC's), trihalomethanes, and other pesticides

Reverse Osmosis

  • Removes everything

  • The down side to this is that it also takes out minerals that are needed for better absorption. This is the type of water filter we use at school, and I just bought some trace mineral drops for $10 on amazon to add back into the water. I bought them a year ago and am not even half way through the bottle, so they last awhile. 

I hope this helped shed some light on the different types of water filters available!

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