• Carly Monson

The Key to Surviving Medical School

Okay, so I'm only two weeks into medical school and I by no means have the answer to surviving it. Quite frankly I'm still trying to process the changes that are happening and it is all very overwhelming. Medical school is no joke, I mean if it was easy wouldn't everyone do it? Just when you think you did everything, there's a list of 10 other things that need to be done! And I'm pretty sure that it only gets busier from here on out.

However, I've been focusing on a couple things that have been helping me get through thus far. Although I will be using medical examples, these tidbits of advice can can be applied to anyone in a stressful situation, not just medical students. 

1. Relax: Now I know this is way harder than it sounds, but every once in a while stop what you are doing and breathe deeply for 2 minutes. Everyone has time for 2 minutes. This will regulate your heart rate and refresh your brain for the task ahead. 

2. Stay Curious: When you have immovable mountains of information to memorize and understand think about how awesome it is that all of the processes in the human body work together so seamlessly. Honestly, with everything that can go wrong, it's absolutely incredible that anything at all goes right. 

3. Make time: With everything moving at 100mph around you, it can feel impossible to even take those 2 minutes to breathe that I told you about. But it is so important to continue doing what makes you happy. Whether that is exercising, hanging out by the pool, hiking, yoga, or reading a good book. Save a little time each day, or week to do what you want to do. 

4. Use Your Resources: Collaborate with your colleagues, learn from your superiors, meet your professors. Whether in work or school, everyone wants you to succeed and is usually more than willing to help you get there. 

5. Sleep: Seriously get enough sleep each night. Every person has different needs. Personally I love to get 8 hours of sleep each night. And if you need a nap, take a nap. If you don't sleep enough you'll be so run down that you can't focus in school, and what good is that going to do for you? 

6. Get Outside: The benefits of being outdoors are incredible. I won't get in to electromagnetic frequencies or earthing (also called grounding) right now, but take a break from the technology and breathe some fresh air. 

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