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Grass-Fed vs. Grass-Finished

If you didn't know already, I am a vegetarian so I don't eat meat but I learned something quite interesting recently that I thought you guys should know about if you are a meat consumer.

Grass-fed vs. Grass finished:

Talking about beef here. You probably already know what grass-fed means. It means the farmers fed the cows a mainly grass based diet instead of a grain based diet. Aka what the cow would be eating if it were free to live on its own. This is more expensive because the cows end up being smaller than their grain-fed brothers and sisters AND take longer to reach slaughter weight, therefore the farmer gets less overall product. However, since the USDA no longer defines "grass-fed" clever farmers have maybe mostly grass-fed the cows, but then the last couple weeks/month before slaughtering, they pump them full of a grain filled diet to get them bigger and more profitable. 

So this is where the term grass-finished comes in. Grass-finished means that the cows were fed nothing but grass from the pasture their entire lives. Doesn't that sound more like what you were looking for when you were shopping for grass-fed beef? Yeah, I know it can be confusing as a consumer. 

Do either of these terms tell you anything about hormones or antibiotics? Nope. If you are equally concerned about this, then your best bet is to buy organic. The USDA organic label means that no antibiotics or added hormones were used. Want to do even better? Instead of supporting consumer agriculture business, support your local farmer by purchasing meat from a farmers market nearby. But make sure to ask them questions about grass-finished/organic products!

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