• Carly Monson

2 Things to Help De-Bloat

Did you fall off the horse and over-indulge this week for the holiday?

I know I did. And there is nothing worse than feeling pretty gross the next day because you can't fit into your jeans due to bloating. 

Well all of you out there recovering from celebrating America's birthday, I have some things you can try that work for me when I'm bloated.

1. Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria you want in your GI tract to help break down and absorb food and boost your immune system. If your own gut bacteria can't breakdown food quickly enough, it sits there causing gas build-up, bloating, and all around discomfort. I like to give my bacteria a little boost so they bloating resolves quickly. Probiotics can be found in pill form, kombucha, or fermented foods.  - Best for me when I take with food.

2. ACV and Lemon Water

A lot of times bloating can be due to water retention. And contrary to what it sounds, the way to prevent this is to drink A LOT of water. Apple cider vinegar and lemon help the acidify the stomach and achieve proper pH which is necessary for the swift breakdown of foods.  - Best for me when I drink on an empty stomach. 

Bloating can be caused by many things, and remember everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you. If you experience bloating regularly and not just after a weekend of binging, I encourage you to see your physician. 

Disclaimer: I am not a physician or a health care practitioner. This site is not meant to provide medical or health advice of any kind. Do not misconstrue any information that you read here as medical recommendation, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided here on this site is intended to serve as a communication of my experiences and to share articles and public material pertaining to health that I come across. It should in no way be interpreted as medical advice of any kind.

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